What am I up to?

Last updated on 25 Feb, 2023.

I've been interested in the idea of self-hosting for a few months now, and I've finally purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ in the hopes of hosting this very same website through that atleast for a while. I'm currently in the process of reading more about how to achieve that.

One more thing I wish to achieve using the Pi is to try building an open source e-ink typewriter, more of a noobish version of what freewrite has built. has built. Many people have already done it as a hobby project and I now wish to take that up without having any knowledge with arduino. I hope to make a large amount of a progress with that by the end of this year.

I recently came across this open-source project Writer and it has intrigued my interest with minmalist writing/note-taking environment based directly out of desktop. I'm looking to contribute for the same.

Also, I've been trying to replicate few works of Barely maps as a learning excercise owing to my awe for his simple but elegant maps. Wish it takes some shape in the upcoming days.

I'm also thinking about converting these frequently updated pages to static pages that can be accessed via any CMS. Not sure if there's any possibility of integrating that into my website but still exploring that front. Any leads will be appreciated.


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